RVNA is your VNA

2019 Guest Bartender Night Photo Gallery

Thank you to those who joined RVNA on Thursday, June 27th at Gallo Ristorante in Ridgefield for our annual Guest Bartender Night. It was a glorious evening and a truly fun night.

To those who tended bar on RVNA’s behalf — Marcie Coffin of Fairfield County Bank, Mitch Ancona of Ancona’s Wines and Liquors, and our own Gigi Weiss, MSPT, director of rehabilitation services  .. you are naturals!  You handled your jobs with agility and grace, good humor and warmth, and we’d hire you again in a minute!

The funds earned in just three hours at Gallo will support RVNA home health services and will make a difference in many important lives. THANK YOU TO ALL.