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2019 RVNA Spelling Bee Photo Gallery

Two hours and hundreds of syllables later, the winner was … the academician in Round 16 with ‘Laureation.’

Last evening, Wednesday March 6, Basil Kolani, founding director of the Center for Innovative Teaching and Learning at Ridgefield Academy, won the 2019 RVNA Spelling Bee with a ten-letter noun of Latin derivation, meaning “an act of crowning with, or as if with, a wreath of leaves as a mark of honor or achievement.” Laureation.

In a sentence: “At his laureation, Basil Kolani was adorned with an attractive black and yellow striped sash, instead of the traditional thorny laurel wreath.”

From “crepuscular” and “sentient” to “aborigine” and “niveous,” Spelling Bee contenders, their lifelines, and the audience went round for round in the closely contested battle of words and strategy.

Extraordinary thanks goes to each of the 15 contestants, Ridgefield’s 2019 Literati, who embraced the annual tradition, put their brains and humor to the test, and braved the stage for the greater good: RVNA Clinical Education.

The event raised over $17,000 through ticket sales, donations, and event sponsorships. This is an official RVNA Spelling Bee record!

Thank you also to our judges, moderator, and sponsors who all helped put on the show, and to the outstanding audience, who filled the room with exuberance, energy, and profound community spirit.