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Nursing Education

Nursing Education

The last thing anybody wants — or wants to be — is an inexperienced, or rusty, healthcare provider.

RVNA couldn’t agree more and our Nursing Education program reflects this commitment to our patients and our team.

“Our approach is to hire, develop and support excellent clinicians and provide them with the education and experience they need to be successful in both the home care and community environments, which are more independent and diverse than many other clinical settings,” says Diane DaSilva, RN, BSN, RVNA’s Clinical Education Coordinator. “Working in the field requires independence, exceptional judgment, and a diversity of skills.”

To this end, RVNA’s robust nursing education program, for both new hires and current clinicians, includes a breadth of education and training opportunities, all aimed to keep the team current, capable and engaged.

Some of these offerings include:

  • Connecticut Home Care Training (multi-day) and Dementia Certification — mandatory for all RVNA clinicians;
  • New hire “orientation” in which newly-hired clinicians shadow seasoned employees on their rounds and gain comfort and confidence with the RVNA approach, systems, equipment and home care-specific skills and sensitivities. This is ongoing for at least the first three months of RVNA employment;
  • Incentives for completing relevant certifications for such areas as diabetes, cardiac care, wound care, and more;
  • Tuition reimbursement for relevant degree programs and continuing education;
  • Ongoing practice and training in RVNA’s on-site Skills Training Room.


RVNA is defined by the excellence of our clinical team and by the superb care we give our patients. Nursing education is one of RVNA’s ways of keeping our team at the top of their game.