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Goldstone Caregiver Support Center a Cherished Gift

There is something about the Goldstone Caregiver Support Center at RVNA. The light, view, feeling, quietude of the space is deeply appealing — both soothing and energizing at the same time.

“Caring for another person is such a precious gift and tremendously rewarding,” says Mary Jean Heller, Director of Development at RVNA. “But it can also be taxing. The Goldstone Support Center offers a respite where caregivers can refresh and renew through programs, resources, or simply by taking some time to escape. A little time there can go a long way.”

A gift to RVNA from Liz and Steven Goldstone, the Caregiver Support Center includes a meeting room with a resource library and a computer workstation for research and communication, and is host to a number of thoughtful programs: support groups, counseling sessions, caregiver coaching, educational progams, end-of-life support and more. “The Goldstones understand the treasures and trials of the caregiver role, and they have given RVNA a true resource that we are proud to share with our community,” says Heller.

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