RVNA is your VNA

  • The Ridgefield Thrift Shop team enjoying their commemorative bench.

Pathway to Health

At RVNA, our mission is to bring good health, comfort, and vitality to our community and patients every single day, through our programs, our care, and our compassion. This summer, we invite you to celebrate this mission by joining our Pathway to Health. Our pathway and its gardens wind around our Center for Exceptional Care, reminding us all of the true gift we have in our health.

Personalize an engraved, commemorative paver with your name, family name, business name, or in memory of someone special. This permanent tribute will leave a legacy or honor a loved one for years to come. Not only will your place on the pathway be meaningful to you, it will support RVNA services that bring health and well-being to others.

A healthy life is a journey. RVNA is here to take this journey with you. Together, we will follow this pathway to health.

To purchase an engraved paver, please visit our Donations page.

For additional information, or to purchase a paver by phone, please contact M.J. Heller, Director of Philanthropy, at (203) 438-5555, ext. 1206 or mjheller@ridgefieldvna.org.