RVNA is your VNA

Where do you turn to when you need reliable, professional health care? The answer is the Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association. We have been delivering round the clock home care to the community since 1914. And with an expanding program of community wellness services that meet the needs of young and old alike, we’re a neighbor you can count on.

RVNA has the highest patient satisfaction rating of any home healthcare agency in the area we serve. We have a 96.4% overall satisfaction rate among our patients which is 4% higher than the national average. RVNA is a not-for-profit agency whose sole mission is to provide remarkable home health care, foster community based wellness, and promote public health and safety in the community.

Flu & Pneumonia Clinics Quality Living at Home Call your house your home, for a lifetime… Travel Wise Avoid health trouble when traveling, we offer the immunizations you need to make your trip enjoyable and safe. Lifeline Help is the press of a button away. Senior Care Solutions Helping seniors remain in their own home. Well Child Clinics $50 Fee Covers Visit and all School Required Immunizations, Sliding Scale Available. Unique & Caring Gifts from RVNA When you have a gift to give please think of the RVNA. We have an array of unique and caring gift ideas! Shingles Vaccine Help protect yourself from this potentially devestating disease! Available to anyone 60 and older by appointment. $215 You must bring a prescription from your doctor. Please call 203-438-5555 to make an appointment.

Satisfied client’s family does radio commercial for RVNA. Click the play button below to listen!

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  • Everyone at RVNA is on their game. The communication and attention to detail is excellent. The reports at the end of the day are important to me. When it comes to my Mom - I demand the best and I have zero complaints for RVNA-only compliments, thank you!
    Son of a 88 year old client in New Milford
  • Thank you for your support at the Emergency Shelter during the October snowstorm. Knowing RVNA was present relieved much of my concern about the well being of the residents who were staying there. We appreciated all you did.
    Jane Byrnes, Red Cross Emergency Shelter Manager, Ridgefield
  • I’m so happy that I have found RVNA! My 2 year old daughter had fallen behind on her immu- nizations because we had lost our health insurance. The Well Child Clinic allowed us access to a doctor that we would not have been able to afford.
    Parent of a Well Child Clinic patient
  • Thank you for keeping me healthy! I followed all your advice and tips and stayed strong for the kids. Thank you for helping make my travel an awesome experience.
    Sandy Pope
  • I have Lifeline because I live alone. I don't want my children or my grand- children to worry about me, even though they live here in town. I do it for them
    Emily Mayer
  • For the past few years, Laura has been very helpful as part of a network that assists my dad to continue to enjoy a high quality of living and to successfully live alone.
    Susan Master
  • Knowing that you are a caring resource that is available to us has been invaluable as we have entered into this life’s journey with our parents.
    Antra Borofsky
  • We are both American citizens. We have been unemployed for two years. We haven’t been to a doctor. This (Community Health Fair) is tremendous.
    2012 Health Fair Participants